Links of Interest
Collings Guitars (and Mandolins)

What great instruments! I play a Collings MT.

Wendler ElectroCoustic Instruments

I got my hands on a custom 10-string electroMando - Sweet!

Seagull Guitars

This was simply the best sounding guitar I could find for the money - check them out!


Tons of discussion about these beauties. I know mine has done great things to my sound.

Schertler Pickups

Well, Chris Thile uses them, and who am I to go against him?

Bose PAS

BOSE did it again. This system really delivers what it says. I will never go back to traditional PAs

Vox Amplification

I use both the VT30 modelling amp for live and the Amplug AC30 for headphone amplification.

King Brown Armrests

Made a big difference in my playing habits, and they look great too!

Concord Cases

I just received a new Concord case for my Collings. What a great home for my axe!

Mandolin Cafe

If it is about the mandolin and you cant find it here, you dont need to know it.


A great online resource for this particular mandolin emphasis, especially FFcP...

Rode Microphones

For the money, I havent found a better line of mics. I use NT5's on my mando, and NT2A for vocals.

Acoustic Music Works

A wonderful acoustic music shop in Pittsburgh, PA. This is where I discovered my Collings.

Planet Waves

All of the little bits and pieces. I use their strap quick-link, case humidifier and electronic hygrometer.